6820 micro decor

Decorative plaster


Minimalist and slightly rustic concrete surfaces are very popular in interior design. Depending on the vision of the designer, one or more walls of the room are often left unfinished, or are finished with modern microcement decorative plasters. Microcement decorative plasters allow you to create a beautiful finish to various different substrates.

mira 6820 micro decor is a modern decorative plaster with a rustic tinge for creating a finishing layer on walls. There are 10 tones, pre-mixed in the factory, from grey to orange. The plasters mixed in our factory guarantee an even-toned end result. If, however, you desire a multitoned finish, it is possible to use different tones in different layers, as well as different motions of application, in order to achieve the desired result. It is possible to cover large areas without any connections with the decorative plaster. The pigment is not only on the surface of the decorative plaster, but the plaster is evenly toned throughout.

Easy installation

mira micro decor is a single-component cement-based dry mortar, that is mixed with water and applied to the surface using a putty knife, Venetian trowel or other similar tool. The plaster is applied to the substrate in multiple 1-2 mm layers. If the desired end result is multitoned, the layers are created using different tones of plaster.

micro decor can be applied to a strong and coherent mineral substrate like concrete, gypsum board of lightweight concrete. Mineral substrates must be primed with mira 4170 decor primer. 

Furthermore, micro decor is suitable for use on painted substrates as well as ceramic tiles. Prior to application, the substrate must be washed with mira 7110 base celaner or 7120 ceramic cleaner, as well as roughened, if necessary. If the vision of the end result does not include visible joints between the ceramic tiles, it is advised to first cover the substrate in a thicker layer of a regular cement-based plaster.

The microcement is applied in short curved strokes, that way, nuances of tone are created. Straight strokes in the same direction should be avoided.


Once the finishing plaster has hardened, the surface can be smoothed using sand paper and covered in mira 4720 decor topcoating. The product will protect the surface from dirt and makes it easy to clean. Use a smooth paint roller to apply it from the top to the bottom of the wall, in order to avoid dripping that could be visible when dried out.