7110 base cleaner

Alkaline cleaning agent
A high quality prewash solution for tiles before further treatment. Removes oil, fat and dirt from ceramic tiles and natural stone. Suitable for the cleaning of all surfaces before further treatment or covering.

Detailed description


7110 base cleaner is suitable for removing dirt and grease from water- and moisture proof substrates. Use for intensive cleaning or before further treatment of the substrate.

7110 base cleaner is diluted in water, after which the product is ready to be used.

7110 base cleaner is supplied in 1 L bottles.


Product desciption

Cleaning agent that contains water, aroma compound, surface active substances, metasilicate and phosphate.


Application areas

Suitable for use on all substrates both indoors and outdoors.



Do not use on polished surfaces, as the product may reduce the shine of the surface. When used as a concentrate, the product may cause colour changes in linoleum and other materials. Do not use on untreated wood.



0,5 litres of mira 7110 base cleaner is diluted in 10 litres of water. Apply to the substrate with a broom, mop or washcloth, scrub and let work for 5-10 minutes. After that, scrub the surface thoroughly with a sponge pad or other type of sponge. Remove the cleaning agent, wash the surface and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Ensure that the dirt is completely removed. If possible, use a water vacuum.


Working environment

The product is aggressively degreasing. Always use protective gloves.

Reference the product safety datasheet.


EU declaration

<5% phosphates

<5% cationic surfactant




1 L plastic bottle.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store safe from frost. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 36 months after production date in unopened packaging


Diluting Ratio
1:16 - 1:20
Application Instructions
  1. Apply to the substrate and scrub thoroughly with a brush or sponge.
  2. Let process for 5-10 min.
  3. Dry the surface and rinse with clean water. 7110 base cleaner is highly degreasing and, always use protective gloves.
  4. 7110 base cleaner may make glossy surfaces, such as paint and varnish, matte. The product can be used on such surfaces if they are subsequently coated with a topcoat.

Do not use on waxed marble and limestone tiles.

Dimensions and packaging

1 l bag


Technical Data Sheet
7110 base cleaner
Safety Data Sheet
7110 base cleaner
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Packaging Details

ProductEANCodeXYZWeight (neto)Weight (bruto)Best Before
mira 7110 base cleaner, 1 kg57019147110175071100250 mm85 mm85 mm1 kg1.06 kg1080 days