7230 ceramic wash

Neutral cleaning agent
A neutral everyday cleaning solution for ceramic tiles, natural stone and sanitary ware. Removes dirt and calx residue from the surfaces and protects them from dirt and mold.

Detailed description


7230 ceramic wash is a neutral tile care product for cleaning all surfaces such as glazed and unglazed tiles/klinkers, granite ceramics and polished marble and granite as well as all kinds of bathroom fixtures.

7230 ceramic wash is mixed with water.


Product description

Cleaning agent containing water, fragrances, surfactants, and lime binder.


Applications areas

Can be used on all tile/klinker surfaces as well as sanitary appliances, painted surfaces and the like, inside and outside.



7230 ceramic wash contains active substances that prevent dirt and lime from binding to the surface.

7230 ceramic wash is mixed with warm water in a ratio of 0.1 l 7230 ceramic wash to 10 l water. Use 2 buckets - one for wash water with 7230 ceramic wash and one with clean rinse water. Wash one area of the floor. Rinse the mop or cloth in rinse water before dipping it again into cleaning agent. In this way you ensure that loosened dirt is removed from the floor.


Working environment

The product is not subject to REACH registration. Reference to safety data sheet.


EU declaration

<5-15% anionic and nonionic surfactants




1 liter plastic bottle.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store frost free. Shelf life: 3 years in unopened packing.


Diluting Ratio
1:25 - 1:100
Application Instructions
  1. Apply the substance with a sponge, textile cloth or mop.
  2. Then wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth or mop.

Dimensions and packaging

1 l bag


7230 ceramic wash DS
Technical Data Sheet
7230 ceramic wash SDS
Safety Data Sheet
Cleaning Agents Brochure

Packaging Details

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mira 7230 ceramic wash, 1 kg5701914723003509010878700011.061080