6840 decor

Decorative plaster
White finishing plaster for mineral walls both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for plastered masonry, leca blocks, brick walls and concrete surfaces.

Detailed description


Diffusion-open dash render for treatment of surfaces such as plastered wall, concrete, Leca blocks and masonry.


Product description

Cement based wall plaster, waterproof and frostproof.


Application areas

Dash render for wall surfaces indoor and outdoor.


Types of substrates

Apply 6840 decor in layer thickness of 2-5 mm on substrate of masonry, Leca blocks, tiling, existing screed, bricks and concrete. Recommended for plinth and chimney.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be firm, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, and loose particles. Lime and plastic paint on substrate must be removed. Possible after-repair and fine smoothing may be carried out with 6850 cemplaster or a total cleaning may be carried out with 6870 fibreplaster, 6850 cemplaster or similar.



Absorbent substrate shall be primed with mira 4180 primer in the ration of 1 part 4180 primer to 2 parts water.



6840 decor is mixed with 3.8-4.4 L water to 15 kg wall plaster to homogenous mixture. Use slow moving mixing paddle on a drill. Apply with smooth steel trowel, brush, roller or spray gun. If applied with grouting float add minimum amount of water - and with brush, roll or spray add up to maximum water. Texture surface can be adjusted immediately after application with brush or with roller to required texture.

Note: Application of wall plaster may continue uninterruptedly until entire surface is fully covered to avoid colour dif- ferences due to risk of changing weather conditions from day to day. Stopping of application may only be done at corners, masonry with groove or the like.

The tools are cleaned in water immediately after use.

Consumption: 11⁄2-2 kg pr. m² pr. layer when applied with brush 3-5 kg pr. m² when applied with steel trowel.


Working environment

The product contains cement. Working environment rules for cement must be followed.

6840 decor is based on white cement containing a natural low content of chrome (VI) therefore limiting value of max. 2mg/kg is always kept.

Reference to product safety data sheet.



15 kg bag.


Storage and transportation

Store and transport dry. The product keeps technical specification minimum 12 months after production date in unopened packaging. Can be used hereafter; technical properties may, however, change; e.g. setting time may be extended.

Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Wall
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Wall
Plastered masonry
Leca block



The substrate must be dry, clean and firm. Remove lime and cement milk residue. If necessary, the surface must be levelled and repaired with mira 6810 cemplaster or mira 5300 netfix levelling compound. Absorbent substrates must be primed with 1 part mira 4180 primer diluted in 2 parts water.

3,8-4,4 L

water +

15 kg


Application Instructions


Use a mortar mixer on low speed. Apply on the surface with a steel trowel, broom, roller or spray gun. When applying with a trowel, use the smallest amount of water allowed, when applying with a brush, broom or spray gun, use the largest amount of water allowed.


Directly after application, create the desired surface structure to the fresh mortar with a roller or a brush.


When applied with a brush: 1,5-2 kg /m²
When applied with a trowel: 3-7 kg /m²
Layer Thickness
2-5 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Further treatment: 18-24 h

Dimensions and packaging

15 kg bag


6840 decor DS
Technical Data Sheet
6840 decor DoP
Declaration of Performance
6840 decor white SDS
Safety Data Sheet

Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 6840 decor, 15 kg570191468400750901088135002401201515.11365