3650 multipox

3650 multipox

Epoxy grout
Epoxy mass for the adhesion of wall and floor panes and tile joints in dry and wet rooms both in- and outdoors
Rapidly hardening
Available in various colours
Suitable for most substrates (NOT for absorbent natural stone)
Suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry
Resistant to chemicals

Detailed description


Use 3650 multipox for bonding and grounting of tiles and clinkers on stable substrates. 3650 multipox is a very strong adhesive/grout. It resists most environmental influences and is therefore suitable for industrial environment with risk of chemical exposure, and where there are special requirements for hygiene and cleaning eg in food- and pharmaceutical industry etc.

3650 multipox is a 2-component adhesive/grout. Binder and hardener are mixed in the bucket immediately before use.

3650 multipox is supplied in 3 kg plastic buckets.


Product description

2-component epoxy adhesive and grout for professional use. Chemical resistant and with high tension and compression strength.


Applications areas

For mounting and grouting of ceramic tiles, mosaics, clinker, natural stones, ceramic granite tiles etc. inside and outside, in wet and dry areas - NOT recommended for absorbent natural stone and marble. 3650 multipox can be used outdoors, however, UV radiation may change colour of the joint.


Pre-treatment of substrate

Ensure the substrate has carrying capacity, is sound and coherent, free of dust, grease and oil etc. The substrate must be dry.

When mounting on old tiling and painted surfaces, ensure that old tiles or paint adheres to surface and do not come off.



Products must have temperature of min. +10°C. Mix in the bucket in which product is supplied, with a slow rotating mixing paddle. Pour curing agent (component B) into binder (component A) and mix thoroughly with slow moving mixing paddle for about 2 min. to homogeneous mass. Pot life 30-60 minutes after mixing.



3650 adhesive is spread on the substrate with the smooth side of notched trowel, then draw the notched side through adhesive. Follow recommendation for correct choice of tooth size for tile type and substrate.

The tiles are pressed/twisted in place in the wet adhesive. Ensure that the back of tile is fully covered. Cavities create a risk of the adhesive sinking during the curing process and causing holes in the adhesive layer.

The hardening time of the product depends on the room temperature. At +20°C, the tiled surface is ready for grouting after 1-2 days.



Apply the grout with the special epoxy float mira 4575 groutmaster. The groutmaster is drawn diagonally over the tiles, and the grout is worked thoroughly into the joints to achieve a compact filling. Excess grout is removed immediately with the float to ease the cleaning later on. When the grout has set after  15-30 minutes at least, moisten the entire surface with plenty of water mixed with mira 7250 epoxy remover (in a 1:20 ratio) and scrub with a padmaster. Then remove excess grout and grout haze with sponge and shape joints.

Any excess grout can be removed after 9-12 hours with mira 7120 ceramic cleaner diluted with water in ration 1:2. Remove washing water from tiles with sponge (use warm water) or water vacuum cleaner (floor). Carefully remocve all haze from the surface of the tile, as the cured grout is much more difficult to remove (can only be removed mechanically).

Clean the tools immediately after use with warm water mixed with a a small amount of mira 7250 epoxy remover.


Working environment

The product contains epoxy. Requirements for special training: Working Environment Authority course for working with epoxy products.
Reference the product safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store frost-free (between +2 and 40°C). Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 12 months from production date in unopened packing. Can be used hereafter technical properties may, however, change; e.g. setting time may be extended.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Food industry
Heavy duty surface
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Heavy duty surface
Minimal deformation
Medium deformation
Levelling compound
Heated floor
Plastered masonry
Old ceramic tile
Concrete element
Wet room waterproofing



Component A  +  Component B


Average: 0,5-1,2 kg /m²
Joint Width
2-12 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Light load: 24-48 h
Dry to touch: 7 days

Dimensions and packaging

3 kg bucket


3650 multipox DS
Technical Data Sheet
3650 multipox DoP
Declaration of Performance
3650 multipox SDS
Safety Data Sheet
Mixed product
3650 multiflex SDS (A)
Safety Data Sheet
Component A (paste)
3650 multiflex SDS (B)
Safety Data Sheet
Component B (powder)
ETA 150868
ETA Certificate
3650 multipox CC

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 3650 multipox, light brown, 3 kg5701914365135509010891922016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, light beige, 3 kg5701914364992509010891822016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, brown, 3 kg5701914365043509010875722016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, white, 3 kg5701914365098509010875622016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, anthracite, 3 kg5701914365081509010867222016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, black, 3 kg5701914365067509010866922016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, beige, 3 kg5701914365029509010866822016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, steel, 3 kg5701914365050509010866622016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, grey, 3 kg5701914365036509010866522016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, silver, 3 kg5701914365074509010867122016022033.35365
mira 3650 multipox, steel, 10 kg50365010001010.35365
mira 3650 multipox, light brown, 1 kg570191436539536506539511365
mira 3650 multipox, white, 1 kg570191436538836506538811365
mira 3650 multipox, anthracite, 1 kg570191436537136506537111365
mira 3650 multipox, silver, 1 kg570191436536436506536411365
mira 3650 multipox, black, 1 kg570191436535736506535711365
mira 3650 multipox, steel, 1 kg570191436534036506534011365
mira 3650 multipox, brown, 1 kg570191436533336506533311365
mira 3650 multipox, grey, 1 kg570191436532336506532311365
mira 3650 multipox, beige, 1 kg570191436531936506531911365
mira 3650 multipox, light beige, 1 kg570191436529636506529611365
3650 multipox