EN 13888 CG2 WA
A cement based polymer reinforced grout filler for walls and floors both indoors and outdoors in dry and wet rooms
Rapidly hardening
Available in various colours
Especially suitable for nonabsorbent tiles
Minimal risk of colour change
Especially suitable for damp rooms
Guarantees even hardening, even for tiles with uneven quality

Detailed description


supercolour gives a dense and compact joint with a minimal risk of bacterial penetration the grout. The hardened grout withstands intensive cleaning without colour offset and is therefore recommended for wet rooms.

supercolour is a dry product that is ready to use after mixing with water. The grout is easy to work with and the joint is easily filled.


Product description

Cement based, polymer strengthened, rapidly hardening, flexible, frost- and waterproof grout in powder form.


Application areas

For grouting tiles/ceramic clinker on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, in wet and dry areas.

The risk of bacteria penetrating in dense and compact grout through capillary absorption is minimal.

The hardened grout withstands heavy loads and intensive cleaning that are common in food industry and similar application, supercolour is therefore recommended in wet rooms.

Joint width 2-10 mm.


Tile types

supercolour can be applied to all types of ceramic tiles and natural stone. Particularly suitable for slightly/non-absorbent tiles.


Pre-treatment of substrate

Joints and tiles must be clean, free from dust, oil, dirt grease and the like.



Mix 15 kg of powder with approx. 3.6-3.9 litres clean water. Use a glue mixer or a slow revolving hand drilling machine in order to avoid mixing air into the grout. Make sure that the powder and water are within the recommended working temperature. Mix 2-3 minutes to a lumpfree mixture.

The grout is now ready to use and can be applied in 1-2 hours after mixing.

Apply the grout throughly into the joint with a rubber spatula or grouting trowel that is drawn diagonally over the joints. When the grout in the joint is surface-dry but still workable, remove the excess grout on the tiles with a moistened padmaster/sponge. The surface of the tiles is then cleaned with hard wringed sponge/Wash Boy and the joints are shaped.

The surface is smoothed and cleaned of cement slurry film and laitance.

Avoid wind, draught and heat exposure from sunlight and underfloor heating during the construction and curing time. Underfloor heating can be started slowly after 7-8 days.

After approx. 2 days the joints can be cleaned for possible hardened laitance using mira 7120 ceramic cleaner.

Depending on the absorption of the tiles and room temperature, the grouted tile surface can withstand light foot traffic/load after 3-6 hours and maximum loading after 7 days.


Workplace safety

The product contains cement. Working hygienic rules for cement must be followed.

Supercolour is based on white concrete containing a natural low content of chrome (VI) therefore the limiting value of max 2 mg/kg will always be kept.

Reference to product safety data sheet.



1.2 kg plastic buckets, 5 kg bags and 15 kg plastic strengthened paper bags with handle grips.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. The product keeps technical specification minimum 12 months after production date in unopened packaging, in plastic buckets min. 24 months. Can be used hereafter; technical properties may, however, change; e.e. setting time may be extended.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Tile Type
Ceramic tile with water absorption under 0,5%
Ceramic tile with water absorption over 0,5%
Natural Stone


3,6-3,9 L

water +

15 kg



Average: 0,5-1,8 kg /m²
Joint Width
2-10 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Light load: 3-6 h
Dry to touch: 7 days

Dimensions and packaging

1,2 kg bag
5 kg bag
15 kg bag


supercolour DS
Technical Data Sheet
supercolour EC1
EC1 Licence
supercolour M1
M1 Emission Classification
2536.1 M1
M1 Emission Classification
M1 Emission Classification
M1 Emission Classification
supercolour SDS
Safety Data Sheet
Efflorescence manual
Grouts CC

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira supercolour, 2900, 1,2 kg5701914151097500290011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 2800, 1,2 kg5701914150892500280011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 2700, 1,2 kg5701914150595500270011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 2600, 1,2 kg5701914150397500260011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 192, 1,2 kg570191410746950019211351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 190, 1,2 kg570191410740750019011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 1900, 1,2 kg5701914150199500190011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 182, 1,2 kg570191410716250018211351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 180, 5 kg5701914107124500180523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 180, 1,2 kg570191410710050018011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 170, 5 kg5701914106820500170523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 170, 1,2 kg570191410680650017011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 1650, 1,2 kg5701914149643500165011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 160, 5 kg5701914106523500160523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 160, 1,2 kg570191410650950016011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 148, 5 kg5701914106165500148523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 148, 1,2 kg570191410614150014811351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 147, 5 kg5701914106103500147523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 147, 1,2 kg570191410609750014711351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 144, 5 kg5701914106042500144523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 144, 1,2 kg570191410602850014411351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 140, 5 kg5701914105922500140523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 140, 1,2 kg570191410590850014011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 138, 5 kg5701914105861500138523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 138, 1,2 kg570191410584750013811351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 135, 5 kg5701914105779500135523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 135, 1,2 kg570191410575550013511351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 133, 5 kg5701914105717500133523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 133, 1,2 kg570191410569450013311351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 132, 5 kg5701914105687500132523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 132, 1,2 kg570191410566350013211351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 131, 5 kg5701914105656500131523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 131, 1,2 kg570191410563250013111351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 130, 5 kg5701914105618500130523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 130, 1,2 kg570191410559550013011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 123, 5 kg5701914105403500123523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 123, 1,2 kg570191410538050012311351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 121, 5 kg5701914105342500121523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 121, 15 kg570191410535950012135002401201515.11365
mira supercolour, 121, 1,2 kg570191410536650012111351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 120, 5 kg5701914105311500120523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 120, 15 kg570191410532850012035002401201515.11365
mira supercolour, 120, 1,2 kg570191410529850012011351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 116, 5 kg5701914105199500116523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 116, 1,2 kg570191410520550011611351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 115, 5 kg5701914105168500115523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 115, 15 kg570191410517550011535002401201515.11365
mira supercolour, 115, 1,2 kg570191410521250011511351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 114, 5 kg5701914105137500114523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 114, 15 kg570191410514450011435002401201515.11365
mira supercolour, 114, 1,2 kg570191410511350011411351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 112, 5 kg5701914105076500112523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 112, 1,2 kg570191410505250011211351301301.21.255730
mira supercolour, 100, 5 kg5701914105014500100523015010055.055365
mira supercolour, 100, 15 kg570191410502150010035002401201515.11365
mira supercolour, 100, 1,2 kg570191410503850010011351301301.21.255730