Sanitary silicone
Extra flexible silicone mass for the reinforcement of deformation joints in tiling both in dry and wet rooms. Suitable for natural stone like marble.
Withstands constant water stress
Does not emit oil or change the colour of the tiles
Mold and bacteria repellent
Neutral, non-acidic

Detailed description


supersil silicone is suitable for materials like ceramic tiles, marble and natural stone as well as glass, enamel and sanitary ware etc.

supersil silicone is supplied in many lightfast colours. supersil silicone is supplied in 300 ml plastic cartridge.


Product description

Ready-mixed silicone sealant forms an elastic joint capable of movements up to 25%.


Application areas

For sealing and grouting of expansion joints when installing ceramic tiles, sanitary items and piping on floor and wall. This silicone sealant is particularly suitable for calcareous natural stone (marble) as it gives no risk of corrosion and discolouring.

Withstands constant water exposure but must not be used in aquarium. do not paint over.
Supersil contains fungicide reducing risk of bacterial growth, fungus and mold on joints having the ability to resist commonly used detergents, supersil silicone is UV resistant.

Silicone is acid free and therefore not damaging to coating on mirrors.


Type of substrate

Apply supersil silicone on ceramic tiles, natural stone and metal, glass, enamel etc.


Pre-treatment of substrate

All surface must be clean, dry and free of grease dust, etc. We recommend using masking tape wich is removed immediately after grouting.



Apply silicone sealant by hand or silicone gun on clean joints. Press silicone sealant carefully into place and smoothened with a soapy water saturated, fine-grained joint stick immediately after application.

Supersil sets 1-2 mm per day at 23oC and 50% relative humidity. In confined rooms or under conditions with humidity below 40% skin formation and setting time appear significantly quicker. Prolonged setting time can lead to impaired adhesion and increases risk of the joint surfaces being polluted.

To achieve maximal joint movement joint width shall be min. 4 mm and max. 25 mm. Joint thickness is usually half size of joint width, however, min. 5 mm and max. 10 mm. After setting supersil withstands temperature from -40 to +120oC.


Working environment

Product is not subject to REACH registration. Reference to product safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 12 months after production data in unopened packaging. Can be used hereafter, technical properties may however, change; setting time may eg. be extended.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Tile Type
Natural Stone
Ceramic tile
Sanitation technology


Application Instructions

Use a handheld or pneumatic caulk gun. The mass should be pressed into the joint and finished with a stick coated in soapwater.


Average: 6-10 m /cartridge
Joint Width
2-25 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Dry to touch: 10-20 min

Dimensions and packaging

300 ml cartridge


supersil DS
Technical Data Sheet
supersil DoP
Declaration of Performance
supersil EC1
supersil SDS
Safety Data Sheet
Grouts CC

Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira supersil, 2900, 300 ml5701914103096505290021050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 192, 300 ml5701914103003505192121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 190, 300 ml5701914102921505190121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 182, 300 ml5701914102983505182121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 180, 300 ml5701914102969505180121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 170, 300 ml5701914103164505170121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 160, 300 ml5701914102990505160121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 148, 300 ml5701914102914505148121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 147, 300 ml5701914103072505147121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 144, 300 ml5701914103058505144121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 140, 300 ml5701914103157505140121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 138, 300 ml5701914103140505138121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 135, 300 ml5701914103041505135121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 133, 300 ml5701914103133505133121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 132, 300 ml5701914102907505132121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 131, 300 ml5701914102976505131121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 130, 300 ml5701914102945505130121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 123, 300 ml5701914103034505123121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 121, 300 ml5701914103010505121121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 120, 300 ml5701914102891505120121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 116, 300 ml5701914102884505116121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 115, 300 ml5701914102877505115121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 114, 300 ml5701914103027505114121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 112, 300 ml5701914102860505112121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, 100, 300 ml5701914102853505100121050500.410.4825480
mira supersil, transparent, 300 ml5701914102938505000021050500.410.4825480