5100 ecofix

5100 ecofix

EN 13 501
Flexible glue mixture based on gray cement. Used for installing EPS polystyren boards and mineral fiber isolation plates to facade.
Good adhesion
Mechanically durable

Detailed description


5100 ecofix is a dry mixture that after mixing with water is ready to use.

5100 ecofix is used for installing insulation material, such as facade polystyrene boards and facade mineral wool boards, to substrates such as concrete, masonry, and lightweight  and aerated concrete substrates such as Aeroc, Fibo, Leca and ceramsite.

5100 ecofix is suitable for use as an adhesive in miratherm external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS).


Product description

Flexible, grey concrete based adhesive for installing EPS polystyrene boards and mineral fibre insulation boards to the facade. A miratherm product.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be stable, dense, clean of dust, grease, oil, cement laitance and other similar substances. Salts, mold, algae and other factors that hinder adhesion, must be removed or processed. Weaker parts of the substrate must be removed and repaired.



Absorbent substrates must be primed using 1 part mira 4180 primer diluted in 1-3 parts water, depending on the porosity of the substrate. Other substrates must be moistened while applying mira 5100 ecofix. Cracks and imperfections ±1 cm can be levelled using mira 5100 ecofix itself.



The glue should me mixed in a ratio of 0,25 litres of of clean water to 1 kg of dry mixture. Let the mortar sit for 10 minutes and then mix it again thoroughly. The best result is achieved with a drill mixer. Then the product is ready for use.



mira 5100 ecofix is applied in a 5 cm wide strip along the perimeter of the insulation material and in 2-3 fist-sized dots to the centre of the board. The layer thickness of the mortar in both the outside strip as well as the dots is chosen according to the evenness of the substrate – ensure at least 40% contact surface. Mineral wool lamella must have a 100% contact surface.

Insulation boards must be installed edge to edge, the sides of the boards must be left uncovered by the adhesive. The boards are installed from the bottom up. When installing the boards, ensure that no cross joints are formed in corners or openings. Shift the board slightly to allow the glue to adhere better to the substrate. Ensure the surface of the applied boards is vertical and straight.

After use, clean all tools immediately with water. If mira 5100 ecofix gets on any other decorative surfaces, wash them immediately with clean water.

After drying, the surface of the insulation boards that are installed using mira 5100 ecofix is ready to be reinforced with mira 5300 netfix and mira uninet reinforcement net.


Working time

The pot life of mira 5100 ecofix is 2-3 hours. Do not apply mira 5100 ecofix to larger surfaces that can me managed to be covered before the surface can form a skin, e.g. in 20-30 minutes.



When working with buildings that are less than 8 m high and have new and clean masonry or concrete walls, there is no need to dowel the substrate. The tensile strength of the substrate must be at least 0,08 N/mm². Dowelling can start after mira 5100 ecofix is sufficiently dry, i.e. after about 24 h.


Drying time

The adhesive is fully dry after about 2-3 days. The drying time depends on the air temperature, wind and air moisture. Cold and wet weather prolong drying time. While drying, the surface must be protected from rainfall and frost.



The minimal air and substrate temperature is +6°C. Avoid too high temperatures and direct solar radiation.


Working environment

The product contains cement. When mixed with water, an alkaline reaction will occur. Protect your skin and eyes. Keep away from children.

Reference the product safety datasheet.

R 36/37/38, S2, S22, S24/25, S26


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 12 months from production date in unopened packing.

Areas of Application

Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Wall
Lightweight concrete
Aerated concrete
Cement render
Lime cement render
Mineral façade render


0,25 L

water +

1 kg



Walls (average): 4 kg /m²
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Further treatment: 24 h
Fully dry: 2-3 days


5100 ecofix DS
Technical Data Sheet
5100 ecofix DoP
Declaration of Performance
5100 ecofix SDS
Safety Data Sheet

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 5100 ecofix, 25 kg570191451000914502601002525.11365
5100 ecofix