4730 protect

2K transparent and mat polyurethane varnish for concrete and plastered surfaces
Protects against water, moisture and dirt
Protects against stains from coffee, red wine and common household chemicals
Enhances the expression of the surface

Detailed description


Transparent and mat 2-component polyurethane varnish preserves the raw expression of the surface. Used for protection of surfaces with 6940 micro decor floor. Can also be used for protection of 6820 micro decor when 4720 decor topcoating is not sufficient e.g. on walls in moist areas. Consists of two components that must be mixed before use.


Product description

Polyuretan varnish for protection of microcement surfaces.


Application areas

Topcoating for floor with 6940 micro decor floor and wall with 6820 micro decor surface.


Type of substrate

Can be used on all types of cement-based substrates, such as 6940 micro decor floor, plastered concrete floors and 6820 micro decor.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate shall be stable, dry and free of dust, oil, grease and loose particles.



The two components are mixed with stirring stick for 2 minutes. Apply in two coats with smooth paint roller or brush. It is important that 4730 protect is evenly distributed over the entire surface. Apply in multiple directions to achieve uniform application without streaks. Apply second layer when first application is surface dry after minimum 15-30 min.

The tool is cleaned in water immediately after use.


Working environment

The product is labeled according to Reach registration (EU) 1272/2008. Reference to product safety data sheet.



2.2 kg plastic bucket.


Storage and transport

Store and transport frost free and dry. The product meets technical specifications min 3 years from production date in unopened packing. Can be used hereafter, properties may however change, e.g. prolonged curing time.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Wet Room
Dry room
Lightweight concrete block
Plastered masonry
Concrete element
Lightweight concrete element


Average: 4-7  m²/kg
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:

Setting time: 3 h
2nd layer application: 13-30 min

Dimensions and packaging

2,2 kg bucket


4730 protect SDS
Safety Data Sheet

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