6940 micro decor floor

6940 micro decor floor

Decorative plaster
Rustic microcement suitable for use as a screedable topping for floor surfaces
Available in various colours
Single component
Provides a rustic, raw look and variegated coloring for floors
Can be applied in several layers
Ready for surface treatment after 24 hours

Detailed description


Microcement gives rustic floors with variegated surfaces a raw concrete look. Available in several colours.


Application areas

Decorative microcement for floor surfaces. Do not use 6940 micro decor floor in wet zone.


Types of substrates

6940 micro decor floor can be applied in layer of 2-4 mm per application on sound floor substrate of concrete, screed, painted surfaces or tiling.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be sound, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, and loose particles. For uneven substrates prime and fine smoothe with 6600 cemplan. On dense surfaces such as painted surfaces and ceramic tiles etc. surface must be cleaned and roughly grinded if needed, but not primed.

On substrates of old tiles we recommend to apply base coat of e.g. 6940 micro decor floor or a thin layer of tile adhesive to fill the joints. If 6940 micro decor floor is used as contact layer you may expect increased consumption.



Priming is carried out when substrate is cleaned and dry. Absorbent substrates like concrete, lightweight concrete, plaster and brick are primed with mira 4170 decor primer diluted with water in the ratio of 1 part primer to 3 parts
water. On less absorbent surfaces, ratio is 1 part primer to
2 parts water. For dense substrates like painted surfaces, ceramic tiles etc. the surface only needs to be roughened and cleaned.



5 kg 6940 micro decor floor is mixed with 1.2-1.3 l clean water to a lump free mass by using a slow speed mixing drill for 2-3 min.

Apply floor plaster on prepared floor surface with a wide trowel or similar. To achieve a uniform layer thickness, the 6940 micro decor floor can be distributed with the tooth side of a 4 mm notched trowel and then smoothed with the smooth side.

Application: 1-2 layers until surface is fully covered and desired effect and structure are obtained. If more layers have to be applied, first layer must be surface dry, however, no earlier than 3 hours.

Application of 6940 micro decor floor must continue uninterruptedly until entire surface is fully covered in order to avoid colour differences. Stopping of application must only be carried out at doorstep or similar.

Avoid wind, draught and heat exposure from eg. sunlight and underfloor heating during application and curing time. Underfloor heating can be turned on slowly after 7-8 days. The tools are cleaned with water immediately after use.

The finished surface is smooth, dense and pore-free. It may be sanded with a mechanical sanding machine with sand- paper grain 120-240. Subsequently, both sanded and non- sanded surfaces must be treated with 4730 protect.


Working environment

The product contains no items subject to Reach registration. Normal safety precautions for handling chemical substances must be followed.

Reference the product safety data sheet.



5 kg bag.


Storage and transportation

Store and transport dry. The product keeps technical specification minimum 12 months after production date in unopened packaging. Can be used hereafter; technical properties may, however, change; for example, the setting time may be extended.

Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Heated floor
Wet room (not the shower)
Lightweight concrete
Levelling compound
Ceramic tile
Old ceramic tile
Gypsum board
Building board


Average: 2,5-6 kg /m²
Layer Thickness
2-4 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:

Further treatment: 24 h

Dimensions and packaging

5 kg bag


6940 micro decor floor DS
Technical Data Sheet
6940 micro decor floor SDS
Safety Data Sheet

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