EPS lightbeton 360

Special mortar
EPS granule based lightweight floor screed for building a lightweight and stiff subfloor.
White cement based
Good heat insulation
Extra lightweight
Easy application
Reduces footstep sound
Stiffens wooden floors
Requires mira x-plan covering

Detailed description


Use EPS lightbeton 360 for concreting on surface with demands to low weight due to handling and/or structural reasons. E.g. refurbishment of bathroom floors in multi-storey buildings with weakly dimensioned concrete decks, wooden joists and similar.

EPS lightbeton 360 is easy to prepare and distribute on the substrate.

EPS lightbeton 360 is a dry mortar, ready to use after mixing with water.

EPS lightbeton 360 is available in a 50 L plastic bag. Mixture from one bag covers about 4,2 m² in a 1 cm layer.


Product description

Extra light screeding compound in powder form. Based on cement, EPS granules and additives.


Application areas

Use product for prefilling at high build floor screeds or building of concrete-like finished flooring on wooden joists constructions with top layer of mira floor levellers. See special brochure.


Type of substrate

EPS lightbeton 360 can be applied on substrate of concrete or lightweight boards with moderate movement and deformation.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate shall be free from dust and dirt. Prime substrate with 4180 primer when EPS lightbeton 360 is applied as bonded screed on substrate.



Mix 50 litres powder with 7-8,5 liters clean water depending on whether the product is applied manually with or without fall or by pumping.

Screeding compound can be applied for approx. 1 hour after mixing. Only pour compound on areas which can be finished within 1 hour.

Compound is distributed evenly on floor and levelled by bar/straight-edge in layers of min. 15 mm with bonded screed on substrate or min. 30 mm as floating screed.

Immediately thereafter the compound is compressed and surface smoothed to ensure a strong and coherent surface.

Ensure that newly poured compound is protected against drying out by avoiding hight ambient temperature, drafts and similar e.g. by covering with plastic wrap.

Dependent on room temperature and relative humidity screed is ready for light foot traffic, top coat of leveller and installation of ceramic tiles after 20-30 hours.


Working environment

The product contains cement. Working environment rules for cement must be followed.

EPS lightbeton 360 is based on white cement containing a natural low content of chrome (VI) therefore the limiting value of max. 2 mg/kg is always kept.

EPS lightbeton 360 is a low dust product. Reference to product safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 12 months from production date in unopened packing. Can be used hereafter; technical properties may, however, change; for example, the setting time may be extended.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Wet Room
Dry room
Floor beams
Intermediate floor



7,5-9,5 l  Water  + 50 l  Powder


Average: 0,36 kg /m² /mm
Layer Thickness
>15 mm
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

For walking on: 20-30 h
For covering with x-plan: 20-30 min
Compression strength without covering: 3,0 N / mm²
Compression strength with x-plan covering: 5,8 N / mm²

Dimensions and packaging

50 l bag


EPS lightbeton 360 DS
Technical Data Sheet
EPS lightbeton 360 EC1
EC1 Licence
EPS lightbeton 360 M1
M1 Emission Classification
M1 Emission Classification
M1 Emission Classification
EPS lightbeton 360 SDS
Safety Data Sheet
EPS lightbeton 360 Brochure

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira EPS lightbeton 360 50L /, 18 kg5701914699957506999EPS3707501501818.075365