white portland cement

CEM I 52,5 R
Chloride concentration ≤0,10%
Whiteness 85,5%
Strength class 52,5 R
Fineness (Blaine) 4600 cm² / g

Detailed description


Çimsa Super White Cement (CEM I 52.5R) is preferred in more than 70 countries in the world with its stability and high strength.

The advantages offered by Çimsa Super White Cement to the Applications are high early and final strength, fast production possibility, high whiteness and low alkali content.


Type of substrate

Çimsa Super White Cement appication areas are construction chemical productions, precast productions, terrazzo tile productions, pumice productuctions, autoclaved aerated concrete productions, and exposed concrete.



Stability is the focal point of the Çimsa production plants and the variability in the product parameters is minimized by the controls at each stage during the process from raw material to delivery. Production processes are certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 18001 standards.


Phase composition

Main Mineral Phases : C3S, C2S

Auxiliary Mineral Phases: C3A



Whiteness of Çimsa Super White Cement is done according to L, a, b, and Y values with regard to Hunter Lab systematic.

L (Brightness) 92,2
a (Greenness) -1,65
b (Yellowness) 2,90
Y (Whiteness) 85,0

Quality control

Çimsa Super White Cement is subject to quality control conforming to EN 197-1 standards. It is presented to foreign markets with CE certificate.


Working environment

Standard safety requirements related to general cement are obeyed. For more information, please see Çimsa Super White Cement Safety Data Sheet.


Storage conditions and shelf life

Çimsa Super White Cement must be stored in dry and sheltered conditions. In this case, it will retain its properties for at least 6 months. Experience has shown that it keeps its properties for more than one year. The height of stack should not be more than 2 pallets or 10 bags. The product should be contained in its original package. Package should be kept tightly when not in use.

Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room

Dimensions and packaging

25 kg bag
1500 kg bigbag
ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
valge tsement CEM I 52.5 R, 25 kg86993437600586705003201102525.15365