Tile adhesive
C2E S1
A self-levelling white tile adhesive with excellent adhesion and improved elasticity. Suitable for large heavy duty floors
High flexibility (S1)
White cement based
Polymer reinforced
Good adhesion
Long adjustment time
Suitable for natural stone

Detailed description


floorfix is suitable for use on floors that require flexibility and an optimal division of pressure. For example, floorfix is suitable for installing granite and large sized tiles to heavy-duty substrates that must endure temperature fluctuations. Also suitable for use on outside terraces and balconies.

floorfix is a dry mix that after mixing with water is ready for use. The tile adhesive is slightly flowing and easy to apply to the substrate.

floorfix is supplied in 25 kg bags.


Product description

White, cement-based, frostproof, waterproof and polymer reinforced flowing tile adhesive.


Application areas

Suitable for the application of ceramic tiles with an absorption level of less than 10% and natural stone both indoors as well as outdoors, in dry and wet rooms.

Especially suitable for heavy duty floors or surfaces that must endure big temperature fluctuations.

For installing large-sized and thin tiles, refer to the mira manual on the subject.


Types of substrate

Concrete floors with a high risk of deformation, heated floors, old tiling.


Pre-treatment of the substrate

The substrate must have carrying capacity and be stable, without cracks and clean of dust, grease and cement laitance. The substrate must be dry enough to absorb mira 4180 primer. Absorbent substrates must be primed with mira 4180 primer and wet rooms must be waterproofed according to ETAG 022 guidelines and mira manuals.

When applying on old tiling, ensure that the tiles are firmly adhered. The substrate must be cleaner using mira 7110 base cleaner.



25 kg of powder is to be mixed with 4,6-5,2 litres of clean water until homogenous. The best result is achieved with a drill mixer. After that the mortar is ready to be used. The temperature of the powder, water and substrate must all be within the suggested range.

The pot life of the mixed mortar is 3 hours. It is not recommended to apply the tile adhesive to too large of an area at once, because tiles must be applied before the mortar can form a dry layer on top of it.

floorfix is spread to the substrate using the straight edge of a trowel and then combed through with the notched edge. The trowel must be chosen according to the tile type. The tiles must be pressed into wet mortar. floorfix is self-levelling and the tile requires only light pressing in order to be achieve 100% coverage and levelling out imperfections.

When working with areas larger than 36 m² or with an edge longer than 8 m, the area is usually divided into smaller parts throughout the whole construction.

Depending on the absorption level of the tiles, as well as the temperature of the room, the wall surface is ready for further treatment after about 3 hours and the floors after about 18-24 hours.


Working environment

The product contains cement. Working environment rules for cement must be followed.

floorfix is based on white cement containing a natural low content of chrome (VI) therefore the limiting value of max. 2mg/kg is always kept.

Reference the product safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 12 months from production date in unopened packing. Can be used hereafter technical properties may, however, change; e.g. setting time may be extended.


C2E S1

C Cement-based
2 Adhesion at least 1.0 N / mm²
E Extended open time
S1 Flexible

Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Dry room
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Medium deformation
Lightweight concrete
Levelling compound
Heated floor
Old ceramic tile
Tile Size
Normal sized tiles
Large tiles
Tile Type
Ceramic tile with water absorbtion under 10%
Natural Stone
Grès Porcelain tile


Floor (average): 4 kg /m²
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:


Working Time:

Further treatment: 18-24 h
Full strength: 7 days

Dimensions and packaging

25 kg bag


floorfix DS
Technical Data Sheet
floorfix DoP
Declaration of Performance
Efflorescence manual

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira floorfix (C2E S1), 20 kg570191450600250901087045002401202020.11365