3690 one-seal

Rapid glue
A rapid glue for mira 4500 vapourmat overlays, manchets, corner seal bands and other components
Rapidly hardening
Very flexible
Ready to use
Adheres to most substrates
Withstands constant water stress

Detailed description


Use 3690 one-seal for gluing 4500 vapourmat, overlapping, pipe sleeves and similar products. Can also be used to glue tiles, metal and plastic when material has been cleaned.

3690 one-seal is supplied in a 300 ml plastic cartridge.


Product description

Ready-mixed glue in cartridge that adheres to most substrates.


Application areas

For bonding 4500 vapourmat overlapping and sealing. Can also be used for gluing on concrete, wood, tiles and clinker, metal and plastic when material has been cleaned. Can be applied with success for mounting bathroom equipment such as panels etc. on substrates with suffi- cient strength.


Pre-treatment of substrate

Stainless steel and plastic drains are cleaned with acetone, plastic must be sanded before gluing. To ensure quick and effective gluing when applying on mat / plast, the substrate must be moistened with a wet sponge before application.



4500 vapourmat

Moisten 4500 vapourmat around the edges then apply 3690 one-seal and fill out with glue trowel. Use enough glue to fully cover the whole area. Press upper mat into the glue.

On other surfaces

Apply 3690 one-seal on cleaned substrate and spread with glue trowel. Press items against each other.


Working Environment

Product is not subject to REACH-registration. Reference to safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry and cold. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 24 months from production date in unopened packing.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Ceramic tile
Waterproofing mat
XPS board


Application Instructions

Rapid glue for mira 4500 vapourmat overlays, manchets, corner seal bands and other components. Suitable for installing mirrors, hangers and other accessories on ceramics, cleaned steel and plastic. Suitable for installing XPS boards.


Average: 10-12 m /cartridge
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:

Dry to touch: 20-40 min
Full strength: 3-24 h

Dimensions and packaging

300 ml cartridge


3690 one seal DS
Technical Data Sheet
3690 one seal EC1
EC1 Licence
3690 one seal SDS
Safety Data Sheet
ETA 120008
ETA Certificate
ETA 150868
ETA Certificate
Installing drains manual

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 3690 one-seal, 300 ml570191436902750369021050500.410.4825730