4500 vapourmat

4500 vapourmat

Water- and vapour barrier fabric
A water- and vapour barrier fabric, the best protection of the base construction. Excellent water- and vapourproofness.
Extra high water vapour barrier Sd=81,4m
Ready for tiling
Applied with mira 4400 multicoat or 4630 aqua-flex 2k
Quick installation
Controlled factory quality
Three-layered durable grey fabric

Detailed description


4500 vapourmat is easy to use, as the waterproofing can be made in one go. Foil is ready for tiling.

4500 vapourmat is a part of mira waterproofing system, which is ETAG022 approved.

4500 vapourmat is available in a 100 cm × 30 m roll.


Product description

Water- and vapour barrier foil suitable for all kinds of substrates.


Application areas

Used for protecting wet rooms from water and humidity. Can be used in wet areas in residential and public buildings, schools and sport halls.


Type of substrate

mira 4500 vapourmat is suitable for use on all kinds of substrates. The substrates should be stabile materials such as concrete, lightweight concrete, masonry plaster etc, but can also be moisture sensitive materials like gypsum board etc.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be strong, firm and clean. Absorbent substrates are preferably worked with mira 4180 primer beforehand. The surface has to be dry enough for mira 4180 primer to maximally absorb in 1 h. All plumbing works have to be finished.



4500 vapourmat is glued to the substrate using 600 g / m² mira 4630 aqua-flex 2K. Indoors can 4500 vapourmat be applied with 500 g / m² mira 4400 multicoat. It is essential not to apply more waterproofing adhesive on the substrate than can be covered with vapour barrier mats within approximately 20 minutes.

4500 vapourmat panels have to be cut 5 cm longer than the wall height or the length of the wall. The 4500 Vapourmat is pressed into the adhesive using a suitable trowel or spatula that won't damage the foil. mira 4500 vapourmat foil applications should be started from the corner so that the panel will reach over the corner about 5 cm.

There are two mehtods of installation:

Method 1: The second panel is installed with a 3 cm overlap on the first one. Avoid getting 4400 multicoat on the overlap. The overlaps are glued using 3690 One Seal adhesive or 4630 aqua-flex 2K mass. Make sure that you use enough of the glue or adhesive and press the overlaps firmly together.

Method 2: 4500 vapourmat panels are installed edge to edge. The joints are sealed using mira self-adhesive 4564 seal band tape. The tape and a 3 cm edge are covered with 4630 aqua-flex 2K mass. The circular gully should not be closer than 20 cm to the wall. The 4500 vapourmat is cut to fit the gully, preferably using a special cutter. For more detailed gully installation instructions, refer to the mira wet room brochure. After that, tiling can be started.


Inlets waterproofing

All inlets should be covered with prefabricated reinforcement pieces – mira manchets. Manchets are glued with mira 3690 one seal immediately or after 4630 aqua-flex 2K is hardened. Manchets are pressed into fresh 3690 one seal. Inlets metal parts should be cleaned with acetone, plastic should be cleaned and roughened up. Always apply some glue around inlets before applying manchet to the place.


Storage and transportation

Transport and store in a frostfree and cool environment.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Steam sauna
Public washroom
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall


Application Instructions

Application with 30mm overlay

Use with accessories

Dimensions and packaging



vapourmat 63

vaporumat 100


63 x 2500 cm

100 x 3000 cm


0,7 mm

0,5 mm


4500 vapourmat DS
Technical Data Sheet
ETA 090156
ETA Certificate
ETA 120008
ETA Certificate
ETA 150868
ETA Certificate
Installing drains manual

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 4500 vapourmat, 100 x 30 m57019144500535090108817240100024066.005
mira 4500 vapourmat, 0,63 x 25 m5701914901876504501020065020055.005
4500 vapourmat