4650 aqua stop flexible

4650 aqua stop flexible

Single-component cement-based diffusion opened but watertight waterproofing mortar for stable mineral substrates. Made to be used in- and outdoors in pools, on terraces, balconies etc.
Adheres well to all mineral substrates
Withstands 15m water column
Withstands the chemicals used in the food industry and public washrooms
Excellent substrate for tiling

Detailed description


4650 aquastop flexible is suitable as membrane in industrial areas such as food industry, catering kitchens on substrate of concrete etc. Suitable as substrate for tiling.


Product description

One-component, elastic, cement based membrane for watertightening of mineral bound substrates.


Application areas

As watertight membrane before mounting of ceramic tiles, facade render or without additional surface protection on areas with light foot traffic like walking areas. Applied in public bathing environments, shower, floor areas, swim- ming pools, on terraces, balconies, catering kitchens etc. Also applicable as surface protection on concrete con- structions, facades, chimneys and foundations.


Type of substrate

Concrete, plaster/render and mineral based substrates.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate shall be stable free from loose particles. Holes, cracks or similar shall be repaired with a compa- tible mortar/levelling compound (water proof). Substrate must be free of dirt, oil, grease, paint, glue residue, etc. Absorbent surfaces must be moistened with a little water (no surplus water on the substrate) before applying 4650 aquastop flexibel.

Where there is a risk of movements in the substrate such as joints, connections between floors and walls etc, the connections shall be covered with 4502 vapourband. 4502 vapourband is embedded directly in wet compound and

subsequently covered completely with 4650 aqua stop flexibel. In gaps and contraction cracks with minimal move- ments less than 0.75 mm the movements can be absorbed in the hardened 4650 aqua-stop flexible. Cast, coherent, reinforced building parts such as swimming pools should not be sealed with reinforcement tape.



12.5 kg powder to be mixed with 2.7-2.9 l clean water. Use a mixing paddle in minimum 2 min. until the mixture is lump free and homogeneous.

Apply with a short hair roller/ brush or spray. When spraying it is recommended afterwards to smooth with a broom.

Apply minimum 2 layers of 1-1.25 kg/m2 pr. application. Each layer must be surface dry before next layer is applied. At extensive water load such as in swimming pools and similar 3 layers shall be applied.

For surface treatment with ceramic tiles in particularly dry, hot or windy climates it is recommended to prime with 4180 primer (as instructions for tile adhesive) to prevent tile adhe- sive from forming skin on surface.


Working environment

The product contains cement. Working environment rules for cement must be followed.

4650 aquastop flexibel is based on low alkali white cement and will always keep limit for chrome.

Reference the product safety data sheet.



12.5 kg plastic strengthened paper bags with handle.


Storage and transportation

Store and transport dry. The product keeps technical specification minimum 12 months after production date in unopened packaging. Can be used hereafter; technical properties may, however, change; e.g. setting time may be extended.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Public washroom
Food industry
Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Levelling compound
Plastered masonry
Concrete element
Stable mineral substrate


Application Instructions

Waterproofing mortar, suitable for use under ceramic tiles and facade render. On vertical surfaces indoors that do not have to endure heavy load, the surface can be left uncoated. Suitable for use in public washrooms, pools, terraces, balconies, industrial kitchens etc. Suitable for protecting concrete surfaces like socles, facades and chimneys.


Two layers: 2,2-2,5 kg /m²
Three layers: min 3,0 kg /m²
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:

2nd layer application: 10-24 h
Further treatment: 3-5 h

Dimensions and packaging

12,5 kg bag


4650 aqua stop flexible DS
Technical Data Sheet
4650 aqua stop flexible DoP
Declaration of Performance
4650 aqua stop flexible EC1
4650 aqua stop flexible SDS
Safety Data Sheet
Terraces and balconies
4650 aqua stop flexible
Efflorescence manual

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 4650 aqua-stop flexibel, 12,5 kg570191446500250465012550024012012.512.61365
4650 aqua stop flexible