XPS board

XPS board
A safe and waterproof building block in various thicknesses. A modern material for building bathrooms and other wet rooms in unique styles. Extruded polystyrene covered with cement putty and a reinforcement net.
Moisture resistant
Easy to use
Stiff and stable
Good heat insulation
Good sound insulation

Detailed description


Mira XPS building boards can be fitted on almost any surface, and they are waterproof, moisture resistant, heat-insulating, sound insulating, versatile, lightweight, stiff, stable, quick to process and easy to use.


Product description

The mira XPS building board consists of a blue core made from extruded polystyrene rigid foam. Blue core is CO2-foamed, extruded polystyrene rigid foam with closed cell structure and flame-retardant additive. The polystyrene rigid foam is HCFC and CFC-free. The rigid foam is reinforced with glass fibre (with alkali-resistant finish) on both sides and coated with a polymer-modified cement.

Mira XPS building boards are approved for interior use in rooms at a normal temperature. Mira XPS building boards are approved for use on floors in rooms with an ordinary residential load. Loads with high concentrated loads are not permitted.



Boards at least 20 mm thick can be mounted on a 600 mm pitch frame. With a 12.5 mm slab requiring a 300 mm pitch frame. Thinner boards are only suitable for use on solid walls. Plywood or an OSB board can be attached to the back of the mira XPS board to increase its impact resistance or to secure furniture and fittings. This can either be done throughout the entire room or only on heavier load-bearing walls.

Boards at least 50 mm thick are suitable for use in the construction of light screens, shower enclosures and bathtub encasements. Steps, bath boxes and similar smaller structures are completed with playful ease.

Measure the details and cut by hand; thinner boards can also be cut with a sharp knife. The details can be glued together using mira 3690 one seal. To ensure better adhesion, the cut surfaces must be smoothed with sandpaper prior to gluing. Apply the glue in a zigzag pattern to the substrate and press the details together. The parts can additionally be fastened using high-thread screws.

After the glue has dried, apply waterproofing if necessary, and the surface will be ready for tiling.


Application areas

With its special properties, the mira XPS building board has a wide variety of applications.

  • Carrier element for laying tiles, slabs and natural stone floor coverings using the thin-bed method
  • Adhesive surface for applying plaster, tile adhesive and other materials
  • Moisture protection
  • Effective heat insulation
  • Design element
  • Composite sealing with tile and slab coverings of load class A and B (directly loaded walls and floors in rooms in which tap or cleaning water is used very frequently or for long periods, walls and floors of indoor and outdoor pools that are filled with water with the properties of drinking water).


Storage and transportation

Mira XPS building boards should be stored flat irrespective of their thickness. Boards must be protected against direct sunlight and moisture.

Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Dry room
Steam sauna
Carcass wall
Lightweight construction


Additional info

Store flat.

Dimensions and packaging


4 mm x

6 mm x

10-100 mm x

1250 mm x

1250 mm x

2500 mm x

600 mm

600 mm

600 mm


Technical Data Sheet
XPS boards

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Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*80mm402412505822350XPS806008025008.48.4
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*100mm4024125058100509010872660010025009.49.4
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*30mm402412505804950901086836003025005.75.7
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*50mm402412505806350901086826005025007.27.2
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*20mm402412505800150901086706002025005.65.6
mira XPS, blue, 2500*600*12,5mm402412505802550901086816001325005.55.5
mira XPS, blue, 1250*600*6mm40241250579815090108717600612502.32.3
mira XPS, blue, 1250*600*4mm40241250579675090108850600412502.22.2
mira XPS, 2600*600*60mm900764620006250XPS606006026006.86.8