Valdemāra 118
Valdemāra 118

Object: Office building. 118 Valdemāra Street, Riga.

Material used: mira 6975 betomix flow, mira 4180 primer

Application: 2 stairwells at a height of 7 floors.

The material supply height is 30 meters vertically through pipes using a pump and a supply mechanism.

Installation: from the 7th floor down. Restoration of stairs using templates.

Products used

Mira 4180 primer (front)-01
4180 primer
A primer for porous substrates before the application of a levelling compound, hydroisolation, tile adhesive etc
Mira 6975 betomix flow (22deg)
Levelling and repair mortar
6975 betomix flow
Self-levelling rapidly hardening floor screed
Valdemāra 118