G. Zemgala 73, Riga, Rimi
G. Zemgala 73, Riga, Rimi

Object: G.Zemgala str.73, Riga, RIMI (December -January 2023)

Concrete floor renewal. Floor leveling with a pump in an area of 600 m2 and tiling.

Material used: mira 4180 primer, mira 6700 cemplan, mira 3110 unifix, mira supercolour & mira supersil

Application: The average layer thickness for mira 6700 Cemplan is is 12 mm.
Tiling the surface with mira 3110 tile adhesive, grouting with mira supercolour & mira supersil

Products used

Mira 4180 primer (front)-01
4180 primer
A primer for porous substrates before the application of a levelling compound, hydroisolation, tile adhesive etc
Mira 6700 cemplan 25kg (+d22)
Self-levelling compound
6700 cemplan
Self-levelling compound for level layers
Mira 3110 unifix 25kg (+d22)
Tile adhesive
3110 unifix
White non-flowing tile adhesive with good adhesion and improved flexibility. Suitable for heated floors, natural stone, glass mosaic, ceramics etc
Mira supercolour 15kg (front)
A cement based polymer reinforced grout filler for walls and floors both indoors and outdoors in dry and wet rooms
Mira supersil 300ml (front)
Sanitary silicone
Extra flexible silicone mass for the reinforcement of deformation joints in tiling both in dry and wet rooms. Suitable for natural stone like marble.
G. Zemgala 73, Riga, Rimi