Cleaning & care products

Professional products for cleaning, maintaining and protecting ceramic tiles and natural stone.


Dust, loose particles and adhesives (oil, grease, etc.) must be removed from the substrate. Cracks must be scraped open and filled with suitable mortar. Once completed, the surface must be cleaned with a vacuum and a primer applied. The primer closes the pores of the substrate and reduces its water absorption. In addition, the primer ensures good adhesion between the substrate and the applied layer. 

4180 primer

Dispersion adhesive mira 4180, which is diluted with water depending on the porosity of the substrate, is usually suitable for priming. On wood surfaces, 4180 primer concentrate is used to prevent excess water from entering the wood. On mineral surfaces, 4180 primer is diluted with water. A yellow pigment is added to the 4180 primer dispersion adhesive, which facilitates visual identification of primed and un-primed areas. 4180 primer dispersion adhesive dries quickly and is suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

4140 contact primer

On non-porous substrates, such as old paint, stainless steel, glaze, polished surfaces, etc., it is appropriate to use the two-component mira 4140 contact primer instead of adhesive dispersion. The latter adheres very well to the substrate and creates a good contact surface for the next layer. In addition to general-purpose dispersion adhesives and contact primers, mira has a number of special purpose primers. 

4410 vapourstop

The mira 4400 multicoat waterproofing system includes mira 4410 vapourstop, with its very high level of water vapour resistance. By applying the vapour barrier primer under the mira 4400 multicoat waterproofing membrane, we are able to increase the water vapour resistance of the waterproofing system by a factor of several times. This is very important in public washrooms and on wet walls located against an external wall. 

4170 decor primer

Before applying different shades of fine-grained decorative putty mira 6820 micro decor to the surface, the substrate must be primed with 4170 decor primer. 

5335 quartz ground

The miratherm façade system product family includes the special pigmented primer 5335 quartz ground, which is suitable for use in the miratherm façade system under decorative plasters, and which is always tinted to match the shade of the plaster. 


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