7120 ceramic cleaner

7120 ceramic cleaner

Happopohjainen puhdistusaine
Happopohjainen kalkin, ruosteen ja sementin jäänteiden poistamiseen. Perusteellinen puhdistusaine poistaa laastijäämät, sementtiliiman, kalkin ja ruosteen keraamisesta laatasta, luonnonkivestä ja saniteettituotteista.



7120 ceramic cleaner is suitable for the removal of calx, grout and cement residue,  rust etc from ceramic tiles, masonry, chromed and glazed sanitary ware etc. Not suitable for cleaning calcareous natural stone like limestone and marble.

7120 ceramic cleaner is diluted in water, after which the product is ready to be used. If necessary, the 7120 ceramic cleaner can be use as a concentrate.

7120 ceramic cleaner is supplied in 1 L bottles.


Tuotteen kuvaus

An acidic cleaning agent that contains water, sulfamic acid and aroma compound.



Suitable for use on all substrate that tolerate an acidic environment, both indoors and outdoors.



1 part mira 7120 ceramic cleaner is diluted in 2 parts water. On heavily soiled surfaces, use as a concentrate.

Moisten the substrate with water, apply the cleaning agent and scrub into the surface with a sponge pad or other type of sponge. Let work for a 2-5 minutes. Remove the cleaning agent, wash the surface and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Ensure that the dirt is completely removed. If possible, use a water vacuum.



The product is dangerous to eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection  and face protection.

Reference the product safety datasheet.


EU declaration

5-10% sulfamic acid

<5% nonionic surfactant




1kg muovipullo.


Varastointi ja kuljetus

Transport and store safe from frost. Product will maintain technical specifications minimum 36 months after production date in unopened packaging



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7120 ceramic cleaner
7120 ceramic cleaner
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7120 ceramic cleaner