Dekoratīvā špaktele - mikrocements

Neierobežotas iespējas dzīvojamo istabu, virtuves, vannas istabu un citu sienu apdarei

Unlimited possibilities

Rustic-looking finishing plaster for walls, that provides unlimited possibilities to finish kitchens, living rooms and bathroom walls, creating cosy rooms and walls with a rustic tinge.


mira 6820 micro decor is a finishing plaster that gives walls a rustic appearance, providing unlimited possibilities to finish living rooms, corridors, kitchens, utility rooms and bathroom walls outside the shower area. Note that mira 6820 micro decor can withstand splashed water, but not the frequent water load that occurs in a corner shower.


mira 6820 micro decor is a dry mortar that is mixed with water and applied to the substrate in one or more layers with a steel or plastic trowel. The hardened surface is waterproof and is suitable for use on various types of hard surfaces primed with 4170 decor primer, such as plaster, masonry, lightweight concrete, painted wall surfaces and old tiles.