Miratherm fasādes materiāli

Izturīgi fasādes materiāli, vismodernākās fasādes tehnoloģijas no gruntēšanas līdz apmetumam

Durable solutions

Finding durable plaster systems has presented a major challenge to the industry for many years. mira combines previous experience with new technologies and experiences from other fields. We have used this method to find new solutions. In doing so, we have developed several safe plaster solutions for new construction works and buildings undergoing renovation.


You will find everything you need in our selection of the miratherm family of façade products. There’s adhesive mortar for insulation boards, reinforcement compound for insulation boards as well as silicone plasters and decorative plasters in a wide range of colours. Of course, mira’s selection of products includes suitable primers, fiberglass mesh along with EJOT dowels and profiles for façades.


We offer high quality products. We strongly believe that cheap solutions are far from being the more affordable option in the long run. We prioritize that the materials are convenient and easy to work with, and that the achieved beautiful result would last as long as possible. As a customer, you will always receive the highest quality in terms of security of supply and service.