XPS Boards

Plāksnes kas veidotas no moderna, ūdensdroša materiāla, vannas istabu un slapjo telpu izbūvei


The mira XPS boards are made of waterproof extruded polystyrene (XPS), reinforced on both sides with an alkali resistant net and covered with a layer of mortar. This type of board is particularly light, while at the same time serving as a rigid substrate for ceramic tiles. The board will not suffer moisture damage. Additionally, the mira XPS board has a number of advantages over traditional drywall. With little effort, you can create surfaces and spatial solutions according to your imagination.

Resistance to water

The mira XPS board offers excellent resistance against the penetration of water and water vapour. This makes XPS boards particularly well-suited for use in wet rooms. The required Sd value in the Nordic countries is at least 10 m and in order to achieve that, it is necessary to cover the XPS board with the ETAG 022 certified mira waterproofing system. Detailed instructions can be found among mira documentation, available in stores and on our website.

Viegli lietojama

Its lightness and workability make the mira XPS board the perfect material for building smart furniture in wet rooms. The construction of shelves, benches and worktops designed specifically for your bathroom has never been so easy, as is the construction of boxes for covering pipes.


The different thicknesses make the mira XPS board an excellent tool for adjusting the height of a substrate. The board can be glued directly to a solid mineral substrate, such as concrete, masonry, etc. Boards with thicknesses of 4, 6 and 10 mm are suitable for eliminating differences in the height of a substrate (for example, half-tiled walls), while a 12,5 mm board is suitable for use in wet rooms in combination with gypsum plasterboard.


Boards at least 20 mm thick can be mounted on a 600 mm pitch frame, with a 12,5 mm slab requiring a 300 mm pitch frame. Thinner boards are only suitable for use on solid walls. Plywood or an OSB board can be attached to the back of the mira XPS board to increase its impact resistance or to secure furniture and fittings. This can either be done throughout the entire room or only on heavier load-bearing walls.

Unlimited possibilities

Boards at least 50 mm thick are suitable for use in the construction of light screens, shower enclosures and bathtub encasements. Steps, bath boxes and similar smaller structures are completed with playful ease. Measure the details and cut by hand; thinner boards can also be cut with a sharp knife. The details can be glued together using a special assembly glue. To ensure better adhesion, the cut surfaces must be smoothed with sandpaper prior to gluing. Apply the glue in a zigzag pattern to the substrate and press the details together. The parts can additionally be fastened using high-thread plastic screws. After the glue has dried, apply waterproofing, if necessary, and the surface will be ready for tiling.


  1. Easy installation, complete solution
  2. Waterproof, mold growth inhibited
  3. Rigid surface, ideal for tiling
  4. Good insulation properties
  5. Low relative density, easy to handle
  6. Multifunctional — allows you to create surfaces to your liking
  7. Efficient, minimum waste


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