4410 vapourstop

4410 vapourstop

Vapour barrier primer
Vapour barrier used as a part of the mira waterproofing system on surfaces that with a need for a higher level of water vapour barrier.
Good adhesion
High water vapour barrier
Single component
Ready to use
Fine molecular

Detailed description


4410 is used as a vapour barrier on the walls and floors of wet rooms.

4410 vapourstop is a polymerous substance that is ready to use. It is easy to use and apply to the substrate.

4410 vapourstop is supplied in 6 kg and 12 kg cans.


Product description

Highly flexible, fine-molecular water vapour barrier primer. Ready to use - do not dilute. Easy to apply.


Application areas

4410 vapourstop is used as a water vapour barrier on the walls and floors of wet rooms. Use in wet rooms on surfaces that need protection from moisture. Reference the mira manual on the same topic.

Do not use in pools and on other surfaces under constant water pressure.


Types of substrates

4410 vapourstop is suitable for use on concrete, lightweight concrete, plaster, gypsum and wooden boards, as well as gypsum and concrete blocks.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must have carrying capacity, be stable and coherent. Dirt, grease and cement laitance must be removed. The substrate must be dry.



mira 4410 vapourstop is ready to use. Apply to the substrate as an even layer that is thick enough to ensure the required level of water vapour barrier. 4410 vapourstop is a part of the mira wet room solution. Follow current guidelines and mira's suggestions on wet room works.


Working environment

The product is not dangerous and needs no special labelling.

Reference the product safety data sheet.


Storage and transportation

Store and transport dry and safe from cold. When storing for extended periods of time above 20°C, the product can form a dry layer on top. The product keeps technical specification minimum 12 months after production date in unopened packaging.


Areas of Application

Indoor Areas
Indoor Floor
Indoor Wall
Wet Room
Public washroom
Heavy duty wet room
Lightweight concrete
Lightweight concrete block
Gypsum board
Plastered masonry
Wooden board
Gypsum plaster


Application Instructions

Used as an additional part of the mira waterproofing system in areas that have a higher necessity for water vapour resistance, and to protect non-splashproof substrates.

Do not use in pools and on other surfaces under constant water pressure.


Average: 150 g /m²
Working Time and Temperature

Working temperature:

2nd layer application: 30 min
Further treatment: 30-90 min

Dimensions and packaging

6 kg bucket
12 kg bucket


4410 vapourstop DS
Technical Data Sheet
4410 vapourstop DoP
Declaration of Performance
4410 vapourstop EC1
EC1 Licence
4410 vapourstop SDS
Safety Data Sheet
ETA 090156
ETA Certificate
4410 vapourstop cert

Packaging Details

ImageProductEANCodeX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)Neto Weight (kg)Bruto Weight (kg)Best Before (Days)
mira 4410 vapourstop, 6 kg570191444100650901086802801501901212.35365
mira 4410 vapourstop, 12 kg5701914441013504410122104002401212.7365
4410 vapourstop